Thursday, April 29, 2010

Houses 2

As most of you know, I've been photographing houses for several years and occasionally will photograph houses more than once. Today you will see two photos of the same houses taken nearly 10 years apart. These two houses are next door to each other and I haven't passed by there in years. Last fall I decided to make a trip to photograph them again and was surprised at the changes!!

It was sad to see the windows boarded up and broken, the paint peeling off and no signs of life. I am certain I have slides of the same houses taken in the 80s - nearly 20 years before the oldest ones I am sharing this morning. When I get to scanning them, I may add to these sequences.

I find it interesting to look at houses and outbuildings as I drive around smaller towns in our province, especially if I have been to a community before. I often see that some houses have deteriorated a lot while others have been fixed up and still others are gone forever. I plan to take a few photo trips this summer and revisit some of the communities I photographed in the early 2000's. If I look at photos of communities before I go, it may help me see changes over the last decade. I am certain to get future Photos of the Day when I make those trips.

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