Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring 3

As I reached the first plateau of my hike, the dried and broken grasses on the pond created interesting reflections on the thin layer of ice that had formed overnight. As the new shoots and yellow pond lilies start to grow, the dead grasses rot into the muddy bottom and provide nutrients for this year's growth, ensuring survival of the species.

A little later, the frogs that live in the pond will be awake for another season. Frogs are also interesting creatures and are fairly plentiful up in the wet bogs and ponds around here. Besides frogs, grasses and pond lilies, there are numerous plants and animals that live in the pond ecosystem. If we get down to the microscopic level, there are probably hundreds of species living there that we can't even see.

You may have asked yourself how I could take over 1200 photos along a trail that I have walked hundreds of times. As I said a couple of days ago, my photographic goal that day was to capture images of Spring and that forced me to look more closely at things as I walked. The more closely I looked, the more I saw!! If you want to start "seeing" the world with the intention of making photographs, you will look more closely at things and find many more photos than you would ordinarily.

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