Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It's been a few weeks since I sent photos of houses so I am returning to that theme for a few days. St. Shott's is a small town located on the southern tip of the Avalon Peninsula. I photographed the town on a bright sunny day in the summer of 2002. I enjoy photographing old houses, especially when they are brightly coloured.

The house in the first photo is half white and half blue, an interesting choice of colours. I have photographed several houses that are painted two, and an occasional one that is painted with three different colours. Author Farley Mowat described multi-coloured houses in his book, The Boat Who Wouldn't Float, and hypothesised that people did this years ago because it was hard to get paint in the outports and they used whatever clours they could find. I am not sure how accurate that is, but there are still a few multi-coloured houses around these days.

I liked the fence made of twigs in front of the house in the third photo, especially considering that there are few trees around this part of the province.

The bluish-green colour of the house in the third photo really stands out on the barren landscape. In recent years, people are using plastic siding on their houses which is changing the character of the older houses.

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