Saturday, April 10, 2010

Flowers/Plants 6

Today is the last in my Plants/Flowers series and I will definitely return to this theme again; especially because of all the positive comments I have been getting about the images I have shared over the past week.

In case you didn't notice, over the past year I have been uploading 2 additional photos to my Blog each day, but recently have been uploading as many as 5 extra photos daily. If you are visiting my Blog for the first time, you can receive my Photo of the Day (usually three images on a single theme) in your email. Just email me at

The first photo shows an African Violet, which must have been be a popular plant that year because there were quite a few of them in the greenhouse. The yellow flowers may be chrysanthemums and since they are very much like the purple and white flowers in the next photo, as well as the pink flowers I sent yesterday, it is possible they are all "mums" as well. I checked on line and there are many varieties and colours of mums. I wonder if these grow here on the Avalon Peninsula? I am not sure about the type of flower with white and yellow petals.

Feel free to identify the plants and flowers in this series. Thanks in advance.

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