Friday, April 09, 2010

Flowers/Plants 5

Thanks for the positive comments on the photographs in my Plants/Flowers series of photos that were taken at a greenhouse in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador. The photos have been sharing over the past 5 days were taken inside without a flash. Of course, there was plenty of light since we were in a greenhouse! You may have noticed that there are no harsh shadows caused by the bright sun, but instead, the light is diffused and excellent for flower photography.

This morning I have chosen photos that show several varieties of unidentified pink flowers. My guidebooks help me identify wild flowers, shrubs and trees but not flowers and plants that are marketed during Spring and Summer. All of these flowers are very beautiful and I wouldn't mind having some grow in my yard.

Feel free to identify the plants and flowers in this series because I don't remember them all. Thanks in advance.

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