Sunday, October 25, 2009

Food Backgrounds

I am creating a series of Food Backgrounds, five of which I am sharing with you today. Whenever there is an event with trays of food, I try to photograph them before people start to eat. I have many images which would make interesting backgrounds for presentations or articles about food, nutrition and/or health. When making backgrounds, I try to crop distractions such as the edges of baskets or bowls or large spaces without food. Cropping with the camera is easier, but to avoid contamination, I try not to get too close to the food while photographing it.

I planted, cared for, harvested and photographed the green peas just before freezing them. I cropped the cheese images from larger photos which had different types of cheeses. I zoomed in on the orange slices but wanted to leave hints of other types of fruit. I can crop closer if I wanted only the oranges. The same comments would apply to the watermelon image.

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DrDickerydoc said...

Yes old Dickerydoc1 retired here in downtown beautiful Shoal Harbour
A wet Shoal harbour these days I originated in Dublin Ireland Hatched out in Hatch St Dublin!!

Like it seems a lot of Non Newfoundlanders once thought Seal esp Flippers and Flipper pie were Yuk!! Not so now ! as of course seals do need a reasonable cull adjusted annually. If done right
Nothing wrong with a Seal Hunt!! e don't these Anti-Folks visit Abattoirs?Seal Hunt gives work of all sorts as seal full of good things ie I recommend personally Seal Capsules for Omega 3 etc (good to aid Heart and also Immunity at time of Flu etc)
NB I have no financial comnnection with Seal Hunt! like you I only shoot with a Camera-As a Retd MD Pathologist -I always worked to keep living things living -ie once did cat autopsies to get lymphoid tissue to help with Feline Leukaemia Vaccine!
Yes Do show the World the good things we have and do in our wonderful Province.
Show the world some Good Newfoundland Foods Please Please-we truly have some great items