Sunday, October 04, 2009

Candid Photos

When I travel I enjoy making candid photographs of people going about their daily activities. The fact that they are not aware of being photographed means that they are being totally natural - not showing off for the camera. I really liked the woman reading a book on Good Harbour Beach in Massachusetts. She was using the book as shade while she read it. The seagulls were just sitting peacefully on the beach, all facing in the same direction.

The young lady running towards the water on St. Pete's Beach was a good distance away from me, but I used my 500mm lens to capture the action. She started running and I panned the camera as she ran. The motion of the camera blurred everything as I tried to keep her in focus. I used the same technique to capture the young surfer who caught a wave just off Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. A wave broke over a lady's head just as I took the fourth photo in St. Pete's Beach, Florida. The beach scene in the last photo was taken in Cape Anne, Massachusetts.

Keep in mind that in those days I had to focus, shoot, rewind; focus, shoot, rewind ... a lot harder than making photos of moving subjects today when I can shoot 27 images in 9 seconds!! Another interesting thought is that the kids in the second and third photos are in their mid-to-late 40s now and have no idea that these photos exist.

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