Thursday, November 13, 2008

Remembrance Day, Hands

Thanks for the information re: Remembrance and Veterans' Day. I am sharing some of the info you guys sent. I thought you would be interested in seeing some of the comments:
  • It is called Veterans Day in the States. There was a big celebration in the park in our town in honor of the veterans. I can remember as a kid marching in a parade in the small town we lived in for Veterans Day.
  • Everything on PEI was closed yesterday, too!
  • Yes we have a provincial holiday here in Alberta and celebrated here in Fort McMurray with a service, lowering of the flags, etc. It was a great reminder.
  • In Toronto Remembrance Day is a Bank, Government holiday but not schools nor most businesses. Most communities have services.
  • Nov. 11th is Veteran's Day in the United States. Only the post office and banks are closed. Many cities and even small towns have patriotic programs honoring Veterans. Songs for each branch of service are played and Veterans are asked to stand when their song is played. Sometimes a 21-gun salute is used.
  • I believe that only Ont & Que do not have a Nov 11 Stat holiday. (that means that half of the country do or do not)
  • Many communities in the US have special observances of 'Veteran's Day,' a day that is a national holiday. Observances may include flag raisings, luncheons honoring vets, parades, and other events. Of course, there is coverage of these events by the local media, so the day is recognized on the 10th with previews of events, on the 11th, and again on the 12th with pictures and stories in the morning papers.
  • It's a provincial holiday of sorts here in Saskatchewan. Government-run offices and schools are closed, but the stores and some private businesses are open and running on Sunday hours.
  • I'm shocked that anything is open on Remembrance Day, I think it's a bit disrespectful to have to work then (unless you're in emergency services).
  • Thank you for all the photos, especially the Remembrance Day ones. My husband and I are supporters of our veterans, young and old, and attend a Remembrance Day service in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. Remembrance Day is widely observed and well attended in this area; we have five towns in the area and each town holds their own service. The parade of veterans is followed by various military and community groups and organizations in uniform, along with bagpipes; it is a very moving service and includes the laying of many wreaths and crosses at the cenotaph. (Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day here, but did have a rather cold wind.) I am lucky enough to have Remembrance Day as a statutory holiday at work, but always book it off anyway. Stores, banks, etc. are closed here. My husband works at one of the few businesses which do not observe the day as a statutory holiday.
  • ... it used to be called ARMISTICE day; not sure what year it was changed to veteran's day - and it is a national holiday.
  • Hi from Manitoba, we do have the holiday however stores can still open from 1 til 6 and we do have wreath laying ceremonies.

Today I thought I'd share photos of Hands that I took during the Remembrance day ceremony here yesterday. You can see three different military uniforms in the photos. As well, the first photo shows hands with white gloves. They belong to a young woman who was one of the honour guard who stood still at the war memorial for the entire ceremony. The others show the hands of "at ease" soldiers.

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