Monday, November 24, 2008


In the past couple of days I have been sending photos of Houses and Outbuildings and letting you know that I have updated my Houses Galleries. Today I chose a couple of winter scenes to share with you. Though we haven't had any snow yet, I am sure it isn't too far away. Last year we had snow in early December and it lasted until early April.

For 38 years I have photographed houses as I drove through communities around the province. I have been back to some of these communities and many of the houses have fallen (or been torn) down while others have been fixed up. Every house I photographed over the years has a "story" and hopefully, people will recognize their house and send me their stories.

I have added the third House Gallery to my site:

1 comment:

bearkat said...

HI Bruce,
Have been enjoying your house series! I think that must be something typical of the east coast, especially with some of the colors too! You don't really find them like that out west! Not much snow here......have a good day yourself!


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