Sunday, November 02, 2008


The first two photos I am sharing this morning were taken in July 2007 in Elliston, Trinity Bay. If you visit Cape Bonavista I would suggest that you take a side trip to Elliston to see the beautiful scenery, puffin sanctuary, seascapes, root cellars and interesting houses.
The two images show different views of the same area. The first shows a small "road" leading to the sheds . The lines of the road lead your eyes to the sheds, then beyond to the ocean and island in the background. The second photo was taken from the main road and shows the two sheds from behind. This image is more interesting because you can gather more information by looking at the details.
  • the boat and its distance from the sheds
  • the island is really an island - you can't be certain in the first photo
    the area where they haul up their boats in rocky but not steep

The third photo shows the boat and more of the coastline and another island is evident.

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