Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Stained Glass Windows

I have been photographing Stained Glass Windows for over 30 years and the three I am sending today were taken back in 1982. In recent years, I have photographed the windows to show that they "tell a story". The photos are close-ups that emphasize the art work and characters.

When sorting though my scans this weekend, I noticed a few that emphasized the beautiful colours produced when sunlight passes through the windows.

The first one was taken in St. Patrick's Church in St. John's. Of course, when photographing stained glass windows, you don't need a flash because you are focusing on the bright light coming through the windows. Because the chip in my camera (Canon AE1 at that time) was reading the bright light, the rest of the scene is very dark. I liked the result.

The second and third photos were taken at the Basilica, also in St. John's. In the third image I photographed the light on the wall but didn't include the window. It is an abstract photo because even though I focused on the colours, they were not in focus. I know that sounds confusing, but if you look at the second image, you will see what I mean.


Anonymous said...


Lovely pics. Have you photographed the windows at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Trinity?

K. Bruce Lane - Photo of the Day said...

Thanks for your comment on my stained glass windows photos today.

I have photographed the stained glass windows at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Trinity.

Email me at blane@lanephotography.com.