Sunday, February 18, 2007

Rescue, Sulphur Mountain, Banff National Park

Today I am sending 5 images from a series I photographed while visiting Banff. I don't usually photograph people in pain, but I thought I'd attempt to photograph this rescue. If I hadn't been using slide film, I would have sent the photos to local papers, but by the time I got the slides back, this was old news and probably of little interest. You guys are among the first to see them.


In 1989, I was on top of Banff and witnessed a dramatic rescue. A woman had broken her leg in a fall. When I arrived on the scene, the helicopter was about to land. It was a difficult but safe landing for the pilot who had to be extremely careful of guide wires from a communications tower.


Rescue workers lifted the woman onto a stretcher. The pain must have been terrific.


After getting the injured woman into the helicopter, the pilot had to very carefully lift off the platform. Rescue workers moved out of the way, just to be safe.


Once clear of the wires, the pilot headed though the valley to the nearest hospital.

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