Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bacon Cove, Conception Bay

Bacon Cove is a small town in Conception Bay, not too far from my home in Holyrood. I visit the town at least once a year to take photographs.

The photo this morning was taken in the mid 80s from a wharf in the small harbour . I liked the boat in the foreground, the fish flakes and shed in the background. As well, I liked the man who was walking towards the shed, in fact, the small human figure makes the scene real for me. Viewers will probably make a connection between the man and other elements in the image, but I have no way of knowing if he actually owned the boat, flakes or shed. I suspect that the photo was taken in early spring or late fall because the grasses are beige instead of green.

I thought that this would be an ideal photo to convert to black and white because it already looks "old". Fish flakes (wooden structures used to dry cod fish) and boats with the traditional "make-and-break" engines are very rare around our province these days. This image is now an historical visual document. A year or so after this photo was taken the shed, fish flakes and the wharf, from which I took the photo, were gone forever.

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