Friday, February 16, 2007

St. Patrick's Church

Another series of "slides" this morning. In 1983, I decided to photograph churches in the St. John's area. While I was mostly interested in the Stained Glass Windows at St. Patrick's, I photographed other things as well. All three subjects this morning were photographed without a flash. I can't remember if I used a tripod or not.

The first image shows a small window that is set in concrete. The pentagon and rounded-cross shapes, as well as the colours of light reflecting off the surrounding concrete caught my attention. The second image was taken through two doors that had windows in the shape of a cross. Since it was late in the day, the light coming through the window had a reddish-yellow tinge. The third image shows a stairway which are back lit by windows. I liked the shapes and soft lighting in this scene as well. You will notice that the scenes are dark except for the main subject. That is because I am shooting into the light in each case.

I have photographed this church again since "going digital" and reproduced each of the photos. They are not the same because I was there earlier in the day and I think the walls may be a different colour. I have 6 images of the church on line and am doing a slide show which I will add to my "List of Slide Shows".

More of the church -
List of Shows -


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the calm and serenity of visualizing actually being there!!

bearkat said...

I enjoyed the calm and serenity of these pics, particularly since they're from the inside of a church. It's nice to take a few quiet moments in the busyness of today's world!!


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