Saturday, February 10, 2007

Chicago Museum

In 1990, I travelled to Chicago on business and, while there, took an afternoon to visit the Chicago Museum. It was the largest museum I had ever visited and one afternoon wasn't enough time to get through their main exhibit at the time - King Tut's Egypt.

I took my camera, loaded with low speed slide film, and did take a few photos inside, three of which I am sharing today.

The first image shows the main lobby taken from the second floor. The second photo was lit from the right by light coming through the arches. I really liked the effect and took a photo knowing that it would be very dark. I focused on the brightest part of the photo and it worked perfectly. I got exactly what I was attempting to capture. The people down the long hallway added to the effect because they were well lit. The third shows one of the decorative designs along the wall. This is probably 5 or 6 feet in diameter.

I would love to visit that museum again, this time with my digital camera, tripod and lots of storage space.!!

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