Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Fishing Stage, Little Catalina

At first glance the two images this morning look the same, but I am answering a few people who wondered why I decide to convert some photos to black & white and not others. I can't really provide a complicated answer other than when I see some photos, I just feel that they will look good as b&w images. Today's photos are examples.

The first image was taken in Little Catalina, Trinity Bay, with colour slide film. It was a cloudy day and not too much contrast or shadows. In fact if the water didn't have a hint of blue, it would appear to be a black and white image already. As soon as I saw it last week, I converted it. I liked the new image because it looked "older". The stage already looks old (and it was) so the new image worked for me.

I like both images and I am not going to survey the group on this one because they are so similar, but if you would like to share your thoughts on the photos, feel free.

Before digital photography, I would have had to have a new negative made then reprinted in order to see if I liked it. : )

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