Friday, February 02, 2007

People - Baby and Self Portrait

I was going through several CDs with images scanned from my slides, when I came across the photo of a mom breast feeding a young baby. I converted it to black and white and really liked the result. The photo was taken in 1972 and the thought struck me that this baby is 35 years old now .... How fast time flies!!! I purchased my first 35 mm camera in 1970, so I had two years photographic experience when I took this photo.

The second photo is a self portrait that I took in 1976, more than 30 years ago. Several of my former students from that time are on my list and will probably recognize the young man with the big glasses. : )

An interesting thing about these photos is that I remember everything about the circumstances under which they were taken. I won't share the story of the baby, except that the mom and dad didn't mind me taking the photo. While I remember the situation perfectly, I don't remember their names. They were about 10 years older than I ... they are probably in mid to late sixties now and they have never seen the photo.

I took a photo of myself one winter day in 1976 while snowshoeing through the forest with Mark in a backpack and a camera around my neck. I thought it interesting that here I am 30 years later, doing the same things ... walking through the forest with a camera and still enjoying it! I'll have to take another self portrait next time I go for a walk and my beard is iced up. : )

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