Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Approximately 2 hours drive from my house brings me to the barrens between St. Shott's and Peter's River where up to a few short years ago there was a herd of approximately 6 000 caribou. Since 1981, I have made yearly photo trips to this area and have hundreds of photographs of the caribou.

Last summer, I drove to this area and did not see one caribou, the first time that has happened. I spoke to a wildlife biologist and he said that there were only around 300 animals left in the herd. The cause of the rapid decline in the population is due to several parasites including the brain worm. There is also predation by coyotes and humans.

I find it sad, especially considering the photos of the healthy animals depicted in the images I am sharing today. Tomorrow I will send a few other images of the herd when it was at its peak.

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