Saturday, July 22, 2017



There is a family of gray jays that have been living on my property for several years.  We do throw out appropriate leftovers for the crows, but the gray jays and blue jays get their share as well.  That is - if the seagulls don't get it first.

The gray jays don't seem to mind us and will take food from our hands.  The blue jays around here are very skittish and won't come very close if we are outside.  I am also sharing images of a pine grosbeak.  I don't see too many of them around here, but try to get a photo or two when they are.

Years ago, I had bird feeders during the winter, but because we had 2 cats, always took them down during the summer.  We have no cats now, and there are many more birds around, especially this summer.  In case you haven't heard, people are being asked to take down their bird feeders and bird baths because of a disease that is killing record numbers of songbirds.

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