Saturday, December 06, 2014

Florida Birds


This is the last in the Florida Series for now.  Since we are approaching the Christmas season, I will share winter and Christmas photos for the next while. 

Today's photos show three more species of birds that I photographed during a boat ride on the Back Bay area of Bonita Springs.

Osprey are very common in Florida and every time I go there it seems that I add to my collection of osprey photos.  They are very beautiful birds and I love watching them fly and dive into the water for fish.

I see an occasional frigate bird flying overhead and I try to get decent images even though they are very high up. I have also photographed several species of ducks in Florida as well, though I am not certain of the species of ducks in today's photos.  Cormorants are also common in Florida and I have included a few images today.

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