Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quaker House 7

Quaker House 7

As promised, this morning I am sharing photos taken in the kitchen of Quaker House. All photos taken during my visit to Quaker House were taken without a flash using my Nikon Coolpix P500.

The first photo shows a variety of jars on one shelf near the fireplace. I suspect the wooden mortar and pestle were used to grind the herbs they grew themselves. I have been drying and grinding oregano, thyme, lemon thyme and St. John's Wort but do not have these tools. I dry them then rub them together in my hands, grinding them into tiny pieces. I am very new to this and am learning as I go, so I have no idea if I am doing it correctly.

I thought the three candle design was a little unusual. It was made of metal and was fairly heavy. You can see the carrying handle near the top. If anyone knows why it is so long, please let me know. Most things they used 200 years ago were more practical than cosmetic and it wouldn't make sense to have candles that long.

I believe the other items are used in making butter.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, a candle mold with only three tubes would have been unusual. Usually they came with 4 or 6 tubes. Did you get a close look at it? I wonder if maybe the forth tube had snapped off sometime during its life-span.