Monday, October 10, 2011

Burin Peninsula 27

Burin Peninsula 27

One of the last places we stopped to photograph was on the road leading from Petite Forte where I spotted a salmon fisherman trying his luck beside a river. When I surveyed the scene more closely, I was amazed by the backgrounds, especially as I moved around a little to get different views. If you look closely you can see different things in the background of each photo: rushing waters, different waterfalls, more or less vegetation. The only constant is the fisherman.

I assume that salmon are able to get up over those waterfalls. In 1995, when I was photographing President George Bush Sr. salmon fishing on a river here in Newfoundland, there were so many salmon jumping the falls that I was able to capture an image of three of them jumping at the same time. Another salmon missed the top of the falls and landed just beside me on the rocks. I grabbed it but it was so strong and slippery that it slipped free and lunged into the water. Maybe I should scan a few slides from that trip to share with you.

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