Sunday, October 16, 2011

Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon

I've had a few requests asking for photos of salmon jumping, or trying to jump, the falls on Long Harbour River. I've chosen a few to share this morning including an image with three salmon in the air at the same time. Look closely at the last image. I walked to the top of the falls and was lucky enough to capture a fish that had just jumpmed and its tail was still out of the water.

If you can imagine waiting for a fish to jump, then focus and shoot before the salmon disappears into the white water, then you will realize how fast you have to be to get a decent shot. I was shooting with my Canon EOS 1, a fast, professional film camera (that I haven't used since 2003). I used to set up the shot, hold the camera in front of me and watch for jumping salmon without looking through the viewfinder. When I saw something move, I took the picture. I was lucky to capture any at all because there was no way to predict where or when they would jump. Since it wasn't digital, I had to wait nearly three weeks to see the images. Needlaess to say I have quite a few slides of waterfalls without any salmon. :)

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