Saturday, October 01, 2011

Burin Peninsula 18

Burin Peninsula 18

As you already know, one of the subjects I photograph a lot is Houses. Today I went through the photos taken on the second day of my trip to the Burin Peninsula and selected a few photos that I thought you may be interested in seeing. A few people have commented that many of the buildings are very colourful and you will see a few examples in today's post.

The yellow house is built very close to the road on the side of a hill. The owners certainly don't have a big lawn to mow or driveway to shovel. The house in the fourth photo is even closer to the road. I waited for a car to come around the corner to show how close it really is. I imagine clearing snow there must be a nightmare after a big storm

The bright green house caught my attention as we drove by. Note the second door on the front. It looks like they added a small porch there that is not much wider than the door. They have a little more room in their yard than the previous homes.

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