Sunday, September 18, 2011

Burin Peninsula 5

Burin Peninsula 5

I took a break from sharing photos for a couple of days so I could attend a Moody Blues (my favourite group of all time) concert in Halifax. It is amazing that a group formed in the mid sixties could be still that good! Graham Edge, the drummer, said that this year he had his 70th birthday, Justin Hayward is 65 and John Lodge, the other original member, is 68. Of course the majority of the audience were around that age as well. My two sons, who treated me to the trip and the concert, were among the youngest, but since they've listened to the Moody Blues while growing up, also thoroughly enjoyed the concert!

This morning I am returning to the Burin Peninsula series with photos of fishing stages in the Garnish/Frenchman's Cove area. Since the downturn in the fishing industry, similar stages across the province have literally fallen into the sea. It is sad to see that part of our culture disappear, but maintaining these structures takes quite a lot of work and once neglected for a while, they succumb to the forces of nature.

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