Sunday, September 25, 2011

Burin Peninsula 12

Burin Peninsula 12

A couple of people asked about Picasa and how difficult it was to use the I'm Feeling Lucky tool so I am using a few more examples this morning. The first photo shows an original image and the second shows the same photo after pressing the I'm Feeling Lucky button. This doesn't work with all photos, but since it only takes a second to try it, I often just check to see if there is an improvement. Since foggy photos don't have a lot of contrast, this tool adds enough to bring out more detail. In this example, and 4 others I've uploaded to my Blog, the sky is brightened a lot, but the rest of the image has much more detail. Picasa is a free program produced by Google and downloads in a minute or so. If you don't have a photo editing program, this is a good program and the price is right!

I didn't use it for the third photo because there was already enough contrast. I really liked the colourful houses and the reflections on the still water in the harbour. I've uploaded another view of this scene to my Blog as well.

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