Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Burin Peninsula 14

Burin Peninsula 14

The garbage box that was painted like a can of Carnation Milk caught my attention as we drove through one of the small communities on the Burin Peninsula. Years ago my Dad said he was going to get a camera and take pictures of garbage boxes and I encouraged him to do it. Since then I have been photographing garbage boxes that are different, and there are many. This one is up there with the most interesting I've seen.

The other photos this morning show reflections on the still water that morning, and as you can see, there wasn't a ripple, very unusual here in the North Atlantic. As well, a couple of photos of colourful boats made interesting images.

Yesterday a member of this list informed me that the Volkswagen was indeed the same one that was originally on the Trans Canada Highway advertising Jiffy Cabs. Apparently, when forced to remove it, the owner moved it to his home town of Burin.

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