Monday, September 12, 2011

Burin Peninsula 1

Burin Peninsula 1

The weather in Newfoundland throughout the month of July was very bad - cold, fog, drizzle and rain nearly every day. Hoping that it would improve, my father, two brothers and I headed to the Burin Peninsula to make photos of that scenic area of the province. Since photos taken in the fog are often interesting, we weren't really worried and if it cleared up, that would be a bonus. Over the next several days I plan to share photos taken during the two day trip.

The first two images this morning are actually the same photo. The first is the original, taken through the fog in the town of Burin. During the editing process I used the "I'm Feeling Lucky" setting in Picasa 3, a free program from Google. I am showing both images so you can see the difference. The third photo was was also edited using Picasa. If you are using Picasa for simple photo editing, remember to save the edited image as a different file and keep your original.

On the road to the town of Garnish we stopped to photograph a photogenic wooden fence. I used to see this type of fence often, however, these days they are not very common at all. Even this fence looks like it is not in the best shape and may not be there much longer. The last photo shows a craft shop in the town of Burin. I liked the colours and the interesting fence.

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