Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Houses and Outbuildings

This will be the last in the Houses and Outbuildings for a while. As I continue scanning my slides, I am sure I'll come across more.

The first photo was taken in Brigus, Conception Bay in the mid-80s. The last time I photographed this house, the walls were barely standing. I suspect it may be gone completely by now. The second photo shows houses at the end of a beach in Freshwater, Conception Bay. At least one of the houses, if not more, are gone now. The winter scene of Harry's Harbour was taken in 1973. I am guessing that the old building no longer exists. I think the fourth photograph was taken in Conception Bay South. The green house and the barn were photographed in St. Joseph's, St. Mary's Bay. The outhouse was in Trouty, Trinity Bay and the last photo was taken in Pouch Cove.

I hope you enjoyed the old photos of houses and outbuildings that may no longer exist. For years I have been photographing old houses, barns, fishing stages, outhouses and other buildings. Even though I have many photos in my collection, I continue to make images of those subjects. The odd thing is that when I return to an area and notice that a house or building is gone, there is usually nothing but an empty lot which doesn't mean a lot to the viewer. I do have many photos of empty lots or concrete foundations of houses but, unless I put it together with the older images, the new photos have little meaning. Another future project!!

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