Friday, February 18, 2011


Elephants certainly are interesting animals. A recent television program showed that African elephants, especially young bulls, are acting a lot more aggressively towards humans. Scientists aren't too sure why this is happening in recent years but hypothesize that it may be due to the fact that many young elephants are growing up as orphans and not under the guidance of a matriarch and family group. As well, because of human encroachment, many traditional migration routes have been blocked by villages, farms or fences causing confusion and, sometimes, breakdowns in family groups. I would love to see elephants in the wild!

An Asian elephant was in its enclosure at the Calgary Zoo offering an opportunity to make photos despite the fence that made a wide shot without it nearly impossible. I stood on a bench to make today's close-up photos.

I made several images of the elephant's eyes, feet, tusks, trunk and other body parts. As you can see from the images - everything is big!

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