Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lobster Cove Lighthouse

The sky was still blue as we approached Rocky Harbour so we drove to Lobster Cove Lighthouse to make a few images. I decided to walk around the lighthouse and photograph it from different angles. I am sharing three photos here but am uploading 4 more to my Blog. You will see how the light affects the subject in a photograph by examining these images.

To make the silhouette I walked into the shadow of the lighthouse, then positioned myself so the sun was directly behind the top of the tower. Because it was so bright, I composed the photo very quickly and looked away as I pressed the shutter release. Remember, if you try this type of photo, don't stare at the sun.

Tomorrow I plan to wrap up the Viking Trail series. The main purpose was to show you the types of images, in the order they were taken, I make on a typical photo trip . In two days I made enough photographs to share for over a month. Sometimes the weather does not cooperate fully, but that is part of the experience. Earlier in the summer I told a couple of tourists that were heading to this province to keep in mind that they are not visiting Newfoundland and Labrador for the weather!

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