Monday, August 30, 2010

Canadian Burnet

Yesterday I weeded for a few hours in the afternoon and noticed that many of the weeds had tiny, beautiful flowers on them. I decided to photograph samples of the weeds growing in my yard and show you how beautiful the flowers are when you look at them closely.

I heard a horticulturalist once say that a plant is only a weed if you don't want it to grow in a particular place. That is the way I feel because I would take these out of a flower or vegetable garden, but let them grow wild elsewhere.

From a distance, the unusual flowers of the Canadian burnet look like old fashioned bottle cleaners but a closer view shows the delicate reproductive parts of the plant.

Note the differences in the background of the first and fourth images. To capture the first I stood about 10 feet (3 m) away and used my 70-300 mm lens to get a close view. Using this lens caused the background to be thrown totally out of focus making a "softer" background than that in the third image which was made with a 28-70 mm lens. Even though the background is still out of focus, it isn't as soft as the other.

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