Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gros Morne National Park

It was almost 6:30 PM as we drove past Park Headquarters in Gros Morne and we still had a three hour drive to our destination, but I had to to make photos of Gros Morne Mountain with the summit covered by clouds. It was much like the day I hiked to the top of the mountain in 1984. - a beautiful day all along the trail but "foggy" on the summit.

The second image shows clouds moving over the nearby mountains and valleys. The final image made during the trip was taken looking across Bonne Bay with low clouds moving across the hills. I have uploaded wider views of each scene to my Blog.

This is the last in the Viking Trail Series. As stated yesterday, I made enough images during our two day trip to share the highlights with you for over a month. After editing, I have 744 images from the trip. I shared about 25% of them with you, but you have seen a good selection of the main photographic subjects I saw during the trip.

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