Wednesday, August 11, 2010

L'Anse aux Meadows 3

Previously, I mentioned that the fence is different than when I was there in 2004. The first photo shows the fence as it runs along the side of the longhouse. I used my 17-40mm lens to capture as wide a view as possible. You can see the ocean in the background.

I liked an old net that was hung on the wooden pickets near the partially built boat. I wasn't sure if Vikings used nets or not, but since the net was located inside the Historic Site, I assume they must have. Of course, I took several images of the net from a variety of angles.

The boat that is shown in the third image was fully assembled when I was there last. I was actually a little disappointed that it was in this condition because some of my favourite images from my last trip were of that boat.

If you wish to compare the changes as I describe them, feel free to check out the photos I took last time at:

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