Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Black and White Colobus Monkey

I have photographed colobus monkeys in the Naples and Calgary Zoos. In Naples, they were high in the trees and it was difficult to see their faces, but in the Calgary Zoo I saw one sitting no more than ten feet away from its glass enclosure. I was able to zoom in very close to its face and capture its thoughtful expression. I mentioned in an earlier post that when photographing animals through glass, it is a good idea to place the camera as close to the glass as possible in order to avoid reflections. Since the colobus monkey was in a fairly bright enclosure I was able to shoot at a fast shutter speed which helped avoid blurry photos because of camera movement.

This is the last in the Primate series for a while. I admit that I really enjoyed making images of the gorillas and monkeys even though they have been taken from their natural environment to live their lives in zoos. However, I realize that these animals were not captured and taken specifically for zoos, but that for one reason or another, their lives were saved by bringing them to zoos in faraway countries. Zoos give people opportunities to see (and photograph) animals that they normally would never see, and scientists opportunities to study them at close range.

If you would like to see additional photographs of this monkey, feel free to check: http://www.lanephotography.com/animals/colobus_monkey/colobus_monkeys.htm

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