Monday, June 26, 2017

Voisey's Bay 2, 1996

Voisey's Bay 2, 1996

There was a ship anchored in Voisey's Bay when I made photos in early September 1996.  There was a crew of scientists doing an environmental assessment as part of the exploration project that was ongoing at the time.

For the next few days, I plan to share a few images from a trip to Voisey's Bay in 1996.  I was hired to photograph "Helicopters at Work" and had a helicopter pilot who took me up every time another helicopter was doing a job such as moving supplies from one drill rig to another, dropping supplies on a ship, or bringing drill cores from drill rigs to base camp. 

I enjoyed flying in a helicopter with the door off and leaning out to make photos.  I had a seat belt around me and another around my camera bag.  I was shooting colour film for the job but shot a few slides with my backup camera.  I am sharing images from the slides I shot.  The negatives were provided to Canadian Helicopters along with a complete set of prints from the job so I can't scan them.

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