Thursday, January 07, 2016

Winter Abstracts

Snow on Windshield


Icy Bog

Sunlight through Icy Windshield

Early Morning Light on Fresh Snow

Winter Abstracts

In the winter of 1988 I was still shooting slide film and every image cost me around $0.60 each. As I scan photos from then, I realize that I didn't really consider the cost. I drove around "looking for pictures" and anything that caught my attention was a subject for a photo. I photographed ice and snow during our long winters and have many images.

The first photo shows snow and ice on my windshield.  I liked the shapes and textures in the scene.

The next three were taken on the Conception Bay Highway near Seal Cove. The sun reflected off a small shrub covered with ice and I stopped the car, walked up a small side road and took 3 images. As you would expect, it was a very cold day!

The next three were taken along the Salmonier Line in Holyrood - there was a lot of ice created when a small brook flooded the bog around it.

I was starting the car before scraping the ice-covered windshield and took a minute to photograph sunlight coming through.

I noticed the interesting lighting and long shadows on freshly fallen snow created by the rising sun and made an image before heading off to work.

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