Wednesday, January 06, 2016



Witless Bay







Today I chose photos of old houses that I took in 1988 and would like anyone from the communities identified let me know if the buildings are still standing.

The first house was in Gaskiers and the last time I drove down that way I think it was gone.

The second, in Witless Bay, may still be there, but may have been restored.

I identified the third as CBS, but I am not certain.  If anyone recognizes the house/barn and knows if it is in CBS and still there, I would appreciate knowing.

The house/store in Georgetown has been gone for a few years.

The house in CBS has been gone since the late 80s.  It was located in Upper Gullies near the road to Seal Cove.

The second last photo was taken in Holyrood and is gone forever.  The land around it has been developed and there are 5 or 6 new homes there now.

The last home was in Holyrood and has been renovated extensively and looks entirely different today.

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