Friday, January 01, 2016

Barns, Conception Bay South

Barns, Conception Bay South

Today's images were scanned from slides taken in 1988. I believe the barns and old house in the photos were located in Conception Bay South. If anyone knows for certain, let me know. Thanks in advance.

The beginning of the new year also marks the anniversary of my email version of Photo of the Day. Today marks the beginning of the fourteenth year of sharing photos by email. I began by sharing one photo with a short comment each morning and it has evolved to the present format with 3 photos with a link to my Photo of the Day Blog where I usually upload five or more images. It has really become a Photo Essay of the Day.

Today also marks the third anniversary of my K. Bruce Lane Photography Facebook Page where I have 401 followers. If you are on Facebook you can Like that page to find out about updates to my web site as well as special offers from time to time.

I also have a personal Facebook where I upload photos on a daily basis. Usually I upload one of the photos I share here with a link to my Blog. However, I do upload other images that you do not see in the email version. You can view my daily posts at:

Today's social media also includes Twitter and you can follow me there at: And I am connected on LinkedIn and upload images to Pinterest at: Finally, I have a YouTube Channel where I upload slide shows from time to time. You can view the 27 videos at: . I plan to create and upload more videos to that site this year. Feel free to check that site and Follow me to be notified when new slide shows are uploaded.

As you can see, I am "connected" to the world and people have the opportunity to view my images in a number of different ways. It has become more and more time-consuming, but I am retired so I have the time. :)

Feel free to check the above links and Follow me on those sites as well. Once again, Happy New Year!!

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