Sunday, July 19, 2015




Lady's Mantle

Lemon Thyme



Varigated Japanese Willow

Black Currents

Red Currants

My 5 year old grandson asked recently me how I know so much about plants and I told him it was because I observe them. Of course, he then asked what observe meant and I told him that I watch them grow and that helps me learn about them.

I had never been interested in gardening until I moved into my new house in 2007. I had an acre of land that had been disturbed by all the construction. The first year I bought 20 bags of soil for $1.00 a bag and built a strawberry garden and planted a dozen tulips near my front steps. I didn't get any strawberries and had to wait until next spring to see the tulips. The rest of that summer I raked, and raked, and raked. The next year I bought a tandem load of topsoil and planted vegetables and a few perennials. From then on I have been "gardening" and have learned a lot from observations and friends who have been gardening a long time.

Today's photos were taken a couple of days ago and show a lillium, peony, and red currants. I have uploaded more to my Blog this morning where you see that I am going to have a bumper crop of black and red currants.

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William F Matthews said...

Glad to see some of your garden. I have extensive plantings - dwarf lupin just in bloom, Azaleas/Rhodos fading some, Leopard's Bane still going strong. Enjoyed your pictures. Beware of Lady's Mantle... invasive.

K. Bruce Lane - Photo of the Day said...

You are right about lady;s mantle - it is everywhere and has become a weed!!