Saturday, January 03, 2015

Ridley Offices 2

Ridley Offices 2

As I said yesterday, the photos of the Ridley Offices in Harbour Grace are in the order in which they were scanned, not the order they were taken.  I have been back there several times but it does not seem like the same place to me.  It is surrounded by larger buildings and many boats.

The house was lived in at the time and had lawn furniture and plants around the outside and household items in the windows, photos of which I have shared today.

Feel free to share with family and friends.

Photos of the Day are for sale as:

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LDub said...

Really enjoyed your blog. Some great photos. I started my blog many years ago and have posted daily stories about my life, past and present. I'll bookmark this site so I can visit it more often. Thanks for the work you put into it on a daily basis. Larry Woods -

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