Saturday, January 17, 2015

Gone Forever 10

Gone Forever 10

This is the last in this series for a while.  I still have other images but will save them for another Gone Forever Series later on this year.

The first photo shows a property in Chapels Cove.  Actually, the barn is still there but the other buildings are gone.   While the house in Victoria is also still there, it does not look the same - all the yard art is gone now. The red fishing stage/shed used to be in Colliers, Conception Bay.
The fourth photo was taken near Newbridge, St. Mary's Bay and the shed has been gone for a while now.

The red shed in the fifth photo was torn down several years ago, the land subdivided and now there are two or three houses on that location in Holyrood.   The house/shed in last image was in Tors Cove on the Southern Shore of the Avalon Peninsula.

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