Sunday, January 04, 2015

Ridley Office 3

Ridley Offices 3

You can view more photos of the outside of the Ridley Office Historic Building in Harbour Grace today.  I also shared a photo of Mrs. Cook, who was living there during the summer of 1987.  You can see that the stone roof was in need of repairs back then.

Below is a link to a CBC News report about the building that was aired 4 months ago.  The new owner of the building has it restored and wants to open it for tours.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for putting these photos of Mrs. Cook, and Ridley Office on line, I often wondered how she has set up the garden at Ridley Office, Yes the roof is in desperate repair. I hope to have it started in the spring and with that I hope council will finally grant me a permit. Do you have anymore photos of Mrs. Cook and her family or Ridley office , It is interesting to see the sky lights in the roof. my email is