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Yesterday I said I would start a Transatlantic Series today, but I forgot that I haven't shared photos of Naples (Napoli), Italy.  So, for the next few days, I will share images of that Italian city.  I normally share travel photos in the order they were taken, however, in this series I plan to share them by category.  Today, I am sharing 17 photos of people, food and a few abstracts.

My wife and I decided to spend time walking around the city of Naples near the cruise port.  Once out of the port there is an area of construction where crews discovered buried Roman ruins.  As a result there is an archaeological dig right next to the construction. Right next to the site is a large castle, another historic site that we had to pass in order to get to the city.

As I walked along, I photographed large buildings and narrow side streets in the old town. We watched a large group of protesters on one of the main streets, but decided to move on when police showed up dressed in riot gear.  We then wandered and followed streets into an area where the locals shopped and I took photos of markets including a display of small octopus for sale.

We had seen "living statues" in a number of cities but the person floating in the street was unique.  I made a couple of photos of him from across the street.

Every place we visited in Europe had many wonderful bakeries and Naples was no exception.  The smells and sights near the bakeries were fantastic and I made photos of several.  Yummy ...  :)

The last photo shows our cruise ship, one of 4 in port that day, as we headed back to the ship.

Feel free to share today's photos with family and friends.

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