Sunday, June 16, 2013

Magic Kingdom 9

Magic Kingdom 9

Because the Magic Kingdom is so big, we went back again for another day. This time we went in the early morning then took the kids back to the resort for a break during the heat of the day. Later, we went back in the evening to see the electric parade.

The photos I am sharing on the email version of my Photo of the Day highlight kids at the Magic Kingdom. Everywhere young girls dressed as Tinker Bell walked around in very uncomfortable-looking shoes. I hope parents had back-up walking shoes because I am sure their daughters' feet were sore after walking around the the large theme park for any length of time. Many of the young boys were dressed as pirates complete with costumes, beards and, in many cases, swords or other weapons.

My granddaughter Anna posed for a photographer as she held her hands together under his direction. The resulting photo had Tinker Bell standing in her hands. When a photographer takes a photo at Disney World, s/he passes you a card which has a code. Then, afterwards, other photographers will scan your card every time they take a photo. Later, you can go to Disney's web site to view all photos taken of you and your family. It is quite an efficient system and I bet they sell a lot of pictures!

The other photos show "pirates" performing near the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, several buildings in Adventureland and Main Street, as well as a couple of figurines that were on display in one of the shops.  I took the photos through a window and if you look carefully you will see reflections of people passing by.

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