Friday, June 28, 2013

Epcot 8

Epcot 8

We ate at the French Pavilion in the World Showcase area of Epcot.  There was a "fancy" restaurant, but it was full so we chose to eat in the less fancy, and less expensive, restaurant. 

The restaurant was very crowded, but after asking several people, I was lucky to get two chairs to bring back to a small table for two.  While we were eating the people next to us left and two young women with babies stopped and started to put their stuff on the empty table.  At that moment an older woman came and also stood by the table.   One of the younger women said that they had been there first, but the older woman said that she had seen it from the doorway before they stopped. She then sat down, alone, at a table for 6 and refused to get up.  My wife and I were amazed that someone could be so rude - the woman took the table from two families with children who were obviously there first.  We were going to offer the families our table, but it was too small for them.  Luckily the young families did manage to find another table a few minutes later.  I am sure they have a bad memory of a selfish senior citizen who took their table at a French restaurant in Epcot.

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