Saturday, June 01, 2013

Animal Kingdom 2

Animal Kingdom 2

We continued through the Animal Kingdom to Africa where we planned to take a safari and see many animals from Africa. Along the way I photographed a macaw, storks, the "jungle" as well as some of the interesting signs and symbols.

Shooting in the shaded areas with bright sunlight filtering through the trees is a challenge because if you expose for the shadows, the bright areas are overexposed and if you expose for the bright areas, the shadows are usually too dark.

The macaw was in the shade of a canopy and I knew the background would be bright. At first I used the flash on the camera to brighten the bird, then I tried the same shot without the flash. I liked that one better even though the background is too bright. The stork (if that's what it is) was standing in the shadows but it's head was in the direct sun. I tried to expose for the brightest part of the scene, but it's black head made it tricky. In the last scene, I shot up into the trees and was lucky to get a decent balance of light.

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