Thursday, June 13, 2013

Magic Kingdom 7

Magic Kingdom 7

As you can imagine, the afternoon parade at Disney World was quite the spectacle! All the well-known Disney characters, dancers, beautiful floats, and music entertained viewers who lined the streets of the Magic Kingdom.

This morning, for the email version of my Photo of the Day, I decided to share images that are a little different. The young lady pushing a cart was selling water bottles with built-in fans that sprayed a light mist. They were selling like hotcakes in the heat of the afternoon. It wasn't only the little kids that enjoyed the parade; teens and adults were also quite enthusiastic. There were dancers between each float and I made photos of quite a few of them as they danced their way up the street.

I sat on the sidewalk for the duration of the parade and was able to make a few interesting shots of the floats and participants. There are a wider variety of parade images on my Blog this morning.

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