Monday, June 10, 2013

Magic Kingdom 4

Magic Kingdom 4

I had two memories of the Riverboat ride and both were from slides I had taken in 1980. As a test, before getting on the boat I told my wife what the subjects were and on what side of the boat I thought they were on. I was right in both cases. :)

The ride wasn't crowded so we picked a spot near the front where we could see both sides of the river. The three photos I am sharing this morning were on the right (starboard) side of the boat and I had no memories of them from my previous ride at all. Since the two I did remember were on the left (port) side, I assumed that I had been on that side in 1980 and, with two small kids, couldn't move around the boat during the ride.

I made several photos of each subject as the boat moved along the river.

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