Saturday, December 29, 2012

Venice 6

 Venice 6

This is the last of the Venice Series for now.  Today's photos were taken as the Grandeur of the Seas left Venice for Croatia, Greece and Turkey.  It was our second Mediterranean cruise in a row and we were excited to be on our way.

In June, 2011 we sailed into Venice on the Brilliance of the Seas and I took many photos which I shared at the time.  When we left port last time it was almost dark so I didn't get many photos so I found a good spot on Deck 11 of the Grandeur and shot nearly 200 images as we sailed out to sea.

I tried to capture images of the canals and bridges, a few buildings, San Marcos Square and LOTS of boats.  You can get an idea of the number of people in the square from the photos.

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